Three Exercises To Avoid With Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy – Video

Three Exercises To Avoid With PHT Video


James Dunn sports injuries rehabilitation expert demonstrates what three exercises to avoid when you have proximal hamstring tendinopathy.  Video 4.15 mins.



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  1. Rebecca Goldstein Kahn
    Rebecca Goldstein Kahn says:

    I”ve had hamstring tendonopathy for 9 years and have come to expect it’s never going to get better (my fear is it will get worse) After all these years, though, would it even matter if I do these exercises? I’m clearly out of the acute phase and it’s chronic.

    • Vicki
      Vicki says:

      Hi Rebecca, sorry for the delay in replying. Everyone over 3 months with this is considered chronic so yes it’s worth doing strengthening exercises to see improvements and prevent it getting worse.



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